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How To Choose Office Employee Workstation Partition

As one of the indispensable office furniture in the office, OFFICE TABLE plays an important role in the image and development of a company. Office Table can be in different types, it is by composition of materials, they are mainly divided into: Steel Desks with Linoleum Top / Melamine Top, Wooden Tables, Wooden Table with Steel Leg, etc.; When it can divided into: Employee Tables (workstations), Manager Tables, Supervisor Tables, etc.; According to the partition workstation design, it is Open Concept Workstations, Cubicle Workstations and Full Panel Workstations. Today, we are doing to explain how to choose Employee Tables or Workstations? What are the SHAPES of Employee Table? And what are the advantages of Employee Tables of various shapes.
Firstly, how do EMPLOYEES choose their TABLES?
First: Get a PLAN of the area of the office and do sketch the design of the office. If you can’t, you can measure the size of the office or leave it to a professional to do it. Normally the owner with floor plan. Can request the original floor plan with size from them
Second: Determine the SIZE and SHAPE of employee Tables according to the office and preferred arrangements. What are the advantages of different shapes of employee desks? I will explain in detail next.
Third: After the preparatory work is determined, you can select the Employee Table. 
1. Color style
It is mainly based on three Aspects to choose the color of the Staff Table, Nature of the staff, Space area, and Degree of Lighting in the office. As for Scientific Research Institutions, LIGHT COLORS are more suitable for Serious Work; Creative Planning Departments, for more Active Work, use BRIGHT and COMBINED COLORS as embellishments, which can stimulate the imagination of employees. Offices with a small area but very tall are prone to feel empty and deserted, DARK OFFICE FURNITURE can be chosen, to adjust the uncomfortable feeling of the building itself. A SUNNY office can make people feel HAPPY, but some offices are shaded or even no windows at all, it is not advisable to use cool colour in such offices. You can choose RED OR ORANGE or other colors, these colors can make people feel happy and warm.
2. Material
The material of the staff table is related to the health of the human body. Say NO to the products with inferior quality, and high formaldehyde content which will threaten the health of human body. Therefore, we should pay close attention to the environmental protection of the board chosen. In addition to select high-quality boards, it is also important to check the workmanship of the office furniture, whether the surface board has defects such as scratches, indentations, bubbling, degumming, peeling or glue marks. We should choose the wood grain pattern with natural and smooth. Another thing is the edge banding. The good edge banding veneer is very flat, smooth and delicate, while the inferior banding edge veneer is easy to cause unevenness and warping.
3. The height of the partition
In general, a taller partition is more suitable for administrative staff and those who need a quiet working environment, while a shorter partition will not obstruct the line of sight when standing, and yet can create a private space for employees, this can improve work efficiency. While the shortest partition able to improve the communication between the staff and yet make the office space looks spacious.
Second, what shapes of employees' tables? 
The first type: Straight / Rectangular Table
Straight / Rectangular Table is the most common type of desk in the office. It is simple and easy to place. It can be applied to long and narrow offices, open offices, or irregular offices.
Rectangular Writing Table, Oval Shape Writing Table, Executive Table D Shape Curve.
The second type: L-shaped Table
The L-shaped Table can also be called the T-shaped Table. It has a variety of placement styles. Compared with the straight desk, the desk area is larger, which can better meet the diversified needs of office. Relatively more area.
L-shaped Table
The third type: Y-Shape Table
Special-shaped desks, for 3-person, each Table 120° desks, we call it Y-shaped table. This type of desk can accommodate more people to a certain extent because of its beauty and individuality. It is also often used in office work space.
Cluster of 3 Y-Shape workstation
Third, what are the advantages of Staff Tables with Various Shapes?
Advantages of a Straight / Rectangular Table
1. Straight / Rectangular Tables will make the office more compact and density, and maximize the use of space. Coupled with the sharing of office equipment, more costs can be saved from the company's perspective.
2. For employees, the office space shaped by the Rectangular table makes people's visual space wider, which can shorten the distance between people, promote communication and cooperation between people, but also create a relaxed office environment for employees while improve their work efficiency.
Advantages of L-shaped desk
a. The L-shaped desk can be placed in a variety of ways. Through permutation and combination, it can be placed in various shapes. The four can be placed together in a cross shape, (Cluster of 4 workstation) and the two desks (Cluster of 2 Workstation) can be placed in a T shape against the wall. It can be said that the flat and F type can make the entire office space more fully utilized.
b. Compared with the Straight / Rectangular Table, the L-shaped desk has a larger desktop range, which can better meet the staff's freedom to place items, as well as office needs. Putting some small green potted plants and some decorative objects in the free space of the desktop can increase the beauty of the office and can have anti-radiation function.
The advantages of special-shaped desks
1. It can be seen from the arrangement that the heterosexual work station is not suitable for a long and narrow office. The long and narrow office can only be placed in a narrow and long office with 6 positions combined, or combined with straight work stations. As far as the work station is concerned, the Y-type work station is particularly suitable for open and relatively large offices. As can be seen from the layout of the above picture, the Y-type work station is used in a relatively open space, compared with the same number of the straight work station and the L-shaped work station, it will save more area.
2. In terms of the nature of the employees, which people are suitable for 120°Y-type workstations? This type of workstation has a combination of 3 positions, 6 positions and 9 positions, showing a semi-circular shape, which can make the communication between employees closer, so it is especially suitable for teams that need open communication, especially Companies that have grown up with the development of the Internet, generally have higher requirements for openness. And this kind of work station usually has a partition or desking panel, and the use of the partition can keep a certain degree of privacy between the employees.
A table / desk is one of the necessary office furniture in an office. However, for many entrepreneurial or small and medium companies, a plan is needed to fully utilise the space. Some restrictions, buying desks that are too low price, low quality and environmental protection are not reassuring, it is not recommended. It is important for employees to buy a desk that is suitable to their needs and environmental friendly.